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Celebrating women who choose to protect themselves

The Women's Concealed Carry Alliance is a collaboration of women in the firearm's industry.  Real women who everyday solve the unique challenges for concealing a firearm. Joining forces, these female-focused companies have partnered to launch the Women's Concealed Carry Alliance.  A collaboration with a focus on bringing high quality concealed carry solutions to more women.

WCCA, all things women and concealed carry.   In today's world, women desire options for everyday concealed carry.  To meet the need, entrepreneurial women have stepped up to solve the need for real options.  That's where the WCCA comes in, to provide one reliable source to find all those carry options, and meet the women behind the designs.  


Designed to meet the needs of women, all women who conceal carry or are working towards concealed carry. As the fastest growing segment of the firearms industry the Alliance is partnering to get the word out.  There are solutions to the problems unique to women. As solution providers, these women manufacturers realize first-hand what women go through to learn what options are available.  Why not make that one place.  These women know concealed carry, they know how different it is for women. Whether it's body shape, height, hand-strength, or pocket size, women have unique issues.

Meet the industry leaders and their companies who are the driving force in creating quality women's concealed carry options. 

United together, see what we can do!

Meet Us

Meet The Women Making the Difference

These female-focused companies have partnered to become the Women's Concealed Carry Alliance.  They have united together to address a variety of issues specific to women's concealed carry. 


This Alliance is for women in the industry and also a community to those who conceal carry or are working towards concealed carry.  It's one place to find like-minded women, see what's new, learn about upcoming events, and share resources, materials and much more.  Be a part of the Women's Concealed Carry Alliance today!

These companies have partnered to be a resource to all women whether new to concealed carry or a veteran, to provide instructional materials to trainers, share news and events plus much more. 

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