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Concealed Carry for women is different.

And to meet that challenge, a group of women manufacturers have joined forces to solve women's concealed carry issues.


Better together!

A group of female-focused companies have formed a collaborative to become the Women's Concealed Carry Alliance.  This new Alliance focuses on the issues specific to women, firearms and concealed carry. 

Women helping women, that's what we're all about. Like-minded, female carry solution providers have united together to benefit all women. The Alliance is a resource to women, both for women who conceal carry or are working towards concealed carry. It's a resource to find real solutions that work. 


These women manufacturers get it.  They know it's different for women because they are women and they've solved their carry needs.  Whether it's body shape, height, hand-strength, women have unique issues and they've design real, quality solutions to meet those needs.  

The Women's Concealed Carry Alliance is a resource for all women and their trainers to share solutions, details on upcoming events, products, materials and much more.  Be a part of the Women's Concealed Carry Alliance today!

For Trainers
resources to provide to your female students
For Retailers
information on wholesale purchasing from the Alliance
For Women
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receive updates on the latest products & events

United together, see what we can do! 

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