The women's concealed carry alliance

Meet the industry leaders of the WCCA:

Dark Alley Denim - Joelle

My husband purchased a firearm for me to carry as a means of protecting myself. I was extremely uncomfortable around it and didn’t know how to incorporate concealed carry into my daily routine. I felt intimidated and somewhat hopeless.  After much frustration, my husband finally began to understand my discomfort and and I told him I wished it were as simple as throwing on a pair of jeans.  I decided to explore this concept and began cutting up my own jeans in my living room.  Soon, hand customized jeans in every shape and size began selling on Etsy. Now, We are happy to share our completely customized solution to women who are seeking a simple, yet stylish concealed carry solution.

Incognito Wear IX - Jan

My husband encouraged me to learn to shoot and to carry for my protection. But my concealed carry journey stopped when it came to my closet. Unable to find anything to wear (that wasn’t tactical), I became very frustrated. I was very nervous about my firearm showing through my clothing and being singled out when in public. Empty searches lead me to create clothing to solve my own problems and to help others have the confidence to carry on body and be an armed fashion -ista! 

Nickel and Lace - Marilyn

The Luxe Lace Shapewear Compression Cami was born out of necessity! Owner, Marilyn Smolenski is a lifelong advocate for women's safety and situational awareness.

Our ShapeWear cami was specially designed for today’s well
armed woman in sizes XS to 2XL. Its high-performance fabric will meet your needs for discreet security, while looking
stylishly and feeling comfortable.

Available in a variety of colors and sizes.

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Packin' Neat - Kristen

After being a victim and making the decision to conceal carry, Kristen shopped for her carry solution, and shopped and shopped.  She tried all the traditional carry methods but nothing seemed quite the right solution. Looking and still not finding what worked for her, she created a solution from scratch and from her kitchen table.

Kristen didn't want to change her wardrobe, give up her favorite purses and was thereby leaving her firearm at home.  She decided to work on a solution that worked for her.

That's when the Packin' Neat system was created. 

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T1 Ammunition - Deb

It all started when Deb Sullivan moved to Sarasota, FL in 2012. Living on a farm in a remote neighborhood, Deb realized that for the first time in her life she felt unsafe. She decided to do something about it. The next month, she took her first intro to firearms class and hasn’t looked back since.

Fast Forward to 2019.  As an avid shooter, competitor and NRA instructor, Deb realized how challenging it is to find good, consistent ammunition products for her everyday needs. That’s when she found T1 Ammunition, a small boutique ammunition company that catered to competitive shooters in Sarasota, Florida. When the owner decided to pursue other ventures, Deb jumped at the opportunity to buy the company. 

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