On body carry options have expanded beyond the belt standard holster and for good reason.  A woman's body is different than a man's, we have curves!  Not only are there physical differences but the clothing is made to be figure flattering and can often be a dress or skirt.  Today the options are plentiful and comfortable, check these out.

Dark Alley Denim

Cute & Cocky

Nickel & Lace

Incognito Wear IX

Concealed Carry Refined.

Dark Alley Denim equips women to carry comfortably and without worry in jeans. With the built-in pockets, designed for any small or compact handgun, holsters will soon be out-dated.

A one of a kind sew-in attachment for Professional Concealment of a Small Handgun. A sew-in holster and apparel line for everyday carry such as a jacket or hoodie. 

Designed for professionals and everyday carry.

Nickel & Lace Shape Wear was the first true shape wear holster on the market. It's a light weight, super soft under-bust corset made with lingerie materials (90% Poly/10% spandex). This product is for all weather wear for discreet concealed carry.

This product is available in sizes x-small to 2XL and various colors.


Incognito Wear IX exists to bring fashion innovation for a lifestyle of safety and security. Special access points can be used to draw your weapon, or to safeguard your valuables from theft. with functional casual clothing specifically designed for the safety conscious (armed) citizen.


Incognito Wear IX makes it possible for every day people like you and me to hide in plain sight. Never be a victim because of style. Be Armed and Gun Chic.