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How to make 2019 fashion trends work for your EDC

It's October 1st, the leaves are changing, and the weather is getting least in the North and Mid West regions. That means Fall Fashion trends are on the sales racks. Here are some great ways to make these Fall trends work for you!

AM I SEEING SPOTS? YES! Animal prints are all the rage! Spots are not only on point they also make on-body carry an easier task. Glad to see this trending as prints have always been a great way for women to visually break up the outline of a concealed item. This season you will also see a lot of florals and plaids, even a pairing of the two. When it comes to mixing plaids with florals, pair colors not patterns. My personal favorite prints are snake-skin or leopard on accessories such as belts, cardigans, bag, or shoes. Remember that most people will notice accessories that stand out and will focus their attention on that item, away from your edc. With any print, add at least one solid color piece to the outfit.

Perfect Pairing: A print top over Nickel and Lace's Luxe Lace Compression Cami. And don't forget about the Packin' Neat insert in Zebra!

BLAST FROM THE PAST! Fanny packs are back, baby! These packs have gotten a face-lift and are back in the form of stylish belt bags. They are perfect for traveling, street fests, shopping, really anywhere you need to be hands-free or if you are looking for a secondary-carry option. They can be worn like a cross-body purse or around your waist. Make sure the pockets are properly sized for what you are carrying and that there are multiple pockets. Firearms should always have a dedicated space!

Perfect Pairing: If you chose a belt-bag as secondary carry, pair it with Dark Alley Denim skinny jeans as your primary carry option. Add a pair of tall boots for a cozy fall look.

FLARE UP. What comes around, goes around, and then comes back again. If you prefer to ankle carry, you will be happy to hear that the flare leg pant has made a huge comeback. These pants tend to be worn at a slightly longer length so I suggest wearing a higher-heeled fall bootie.

Perfect Pairing: Add an oversized hobo bag from Hiding Hilda to complement your fall flared look while creating an additional carry option.

Be safe and carry with confidence!


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