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We DID it!! Now we need your help...

At the Women's Concealed Carry Alliance we are committed to being a resource for women.

Women helping women, that's what we're all about. Like-minded, female solution providers have united together to benefit all women. The Alliance is a resource, both for women who already conceal carry or are working towards concealed carry. It's a resource to find real solutions that work. 

We been busy compiling a list of female-friendly resources for women all across the U.S.A. We've combined lists, suggestions, requests from instructors and those we personally know to provide ONE growing resource! Not only have we combined a comprehensive (and growing) list of female-friendly instructors, shops and ranges, but we've taken an additional step to include a recommendation badge for those who have been voted, 'female-friendly'. We've gone beyond just a list, we NEED YOUR HELP. We want to know if you have trained with, visited or purchased from one of these listed companies.

Help us add more badges! We need your help!

Check out your state and city, make sure your favorite instructors, shops, and ranges are all listed here. We consider this a growing list, help us add, adjust, correct AND verify YOUR favorite instructors, ranges and shops are tagged as 'female-friendly', look for the WCCA Flower Badge for those verified by real women. Fill out our easy to use submission form and let us know who needs a badge and/or who is missing from the list.

Join us in helping make the instruction, shopping, training and practicing of firearms a positive experience for all women!

Thank you in advance for your assistance. Click HERE to visit this new resource

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